About Us

Several years ago, while working at one of the world's largest cosmetic companies, I realized that women's cosmetics is operationally illogical.  Products like 27 shades of red lipstick and 12 shades of eye shadow sat wasting away on retail shelves all in the name of fashion.  Over on the men's aisle, the fact that so few resources were allocated towards improving our few and much simpler grooming products just didn't make sense.

As the founder of Pilot Men’s Grooming & Skin Care, I am determined to constantly create better men’s grooming products, using the best natural and organic ingredients, made here in the USA and delivered  straight to your door. Simplifying your day and stepping up your game. 

Pilot donates proceeds as well as our Complete Castile Soap to people experiencing homelessness.  Our team formulated this to be the best all-in-one soap. We are building and forming new relationships with groups that provide free haircuts and/or showers for the homeless, if you are one of these groups please email us at pilot@pilotmens.com

You were groomed to be great!